Friends of The Pelican

The Florida Bay is known for gamefish including Tarpon, Bonefish, Snook and others. Try your luck at catching the "big one," or the "small one" off The Pelican's fishing pier. Pick up a pole at the Front Desk, and give it a go! You are not required to have a fishing license but there are specific size limits, so preferably just catch-and-release. However, if you catch one large enough to eat, you can take it to the nearby Bayside Grill and they will cook it for you.

Are you interested in a fishing charter? You'll need to decide which kind, Backcountry or Offshore? Few places in the world can boast of as many species of salt-water game fish as the Keys. With over 200 sought-after species here, it's difficult to choose a place from which to fish - flats, coral reefs, channels, wrecks, and blue water among them. What a selection! Just contact our Guest Services for any and all recommendations and help you might need to book your dream fishing charter!

Dolphin (mahi mahi), sailfish, marlin, wahoo, cobia, kingfish and shark fishing is available in the offshore waters and Gulfstream. (By the way, dolphin fish, or Mahi Mahi, are not to be confused with porpoises, which at times are also called dolphin. Mahi Mahi are cold-blooded members of the fish family, while porpoises are mammals and are protected by law.)

Barracuda, grouper, snapper and many other fish are caught on the inshore waters and nearby reefs. In rough weather, back-country fishing is attractive and close by.

Nearby Islamorada is also "The Sport Fishing Capital of the World." More world fishing records have been set in Islamorada than anywhere else. For more than 100 years anglers have known about the huge variety of game fish that call the waters around Islamorada home. With superior backcountry, reef and offshore fishing opportunities, the area is a Mecca for angling enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, Islamorada supports the largest concentration of charter fishing boats in the entire Florida Keys (ca. 400 offshore captains and 150 backcountry guides).

To maintain our paradise, size limits and closed seasons are in place for some of our amphibious friends giving them a chance to grow, recover and multiply. Please take a look at the restrictions in place at this web page provided by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission's website at: http://marinefisheries.org/lines.htm.